Frequently asked questions

Yes, we have direct connection’s with over 3,000 Playlist Curator’s Worldwide. We get your song will get added to Major Playlist reaching 100,000 to 1 Million New Followers. 

The playlist’s will have anywhere between 5,000+  up to 1 Million Followers. You get to select if you’d like to reach 100,000 New Followers up to 1 Million and we will get your song added to as many playlist necessary to reach that desired audience. 

Yes, all Radio Station’s we submit your Song are 100% Monitored and Pay Royalties.
We Provide you with a detailed Radio Report highlighting exactly what station’s Played your song, when and what country.
Make sure your Music is Registered with SoundExchange & Your Countries performance rights organization such as: SOCAN (Canada) ASCAP OR BMI (USA), SAYCO (Colombia), MCSC (China), ETC.

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